Animation Sound Design

Animation work requires elbow grease. So many moving parts in the production process, so much attention to details. In the Studio, I can provide answers to pretty much all questions of sound design, though I specialize in synthesizers, Foley and room work i.e ambience design. Acoustic instruments as well, could possibly be provided.  From an acoustic or classical guitar , to a piano or harmonica; to a violin and harp. What ever is needed for the concept to bloom and reach its full potential.

And so, Let's begin the tour

This is a quick draft I made for a friend to illustrate how the process begins, for my YouTube channel. First, using a rough outline of sound effects and musical choices, selecting what I have interpreted the scene needs from discussions with the animator. To be handed back to the animator, to see if the artistic direction is indeed correct.  

The Masks We Wear

Here you can find a finished product. The sound design in "Masks" centers around the piano as the main source of non-diegetic sound, played by a live piano player. All the sound effects were made by me, and the entire production process could be found on my YouTube channel.

Some sound design is not as linear. Here you can find an example of some of my synthesis work. Video art requires more of an interpretation on my part, and I am more that welcoming to such challenges.  

Here is an example of a finished, intro for a full length feature animated film. Pulled the original audio and replaced it with an example, so that you could see just what are the possibilities when working with my studio. This piece was made using almost nothing but synths, with some drum machines and small samples of bass drums, help to decorate this otherwise robotic, futuristic and detached aesthetic

More Coming all the time!