Tzach Gefen's Studio

What is in my Studio?

Well, good question. It's easy to get lost within all my projects. Never really finding what you need after all. So, I present to you, some links and paragraphs full of words and such; to understand the services I provide. 

sound design for animation.jpg

Animation work requires elbow grease. So many moving parts in the production process, so much attention to details. In the Studio, I can provide answers to pretty much all questions of sound design, though I specialize in synthesizers, Foley and room work i.e ambience design. All manner of acoustic instruments  could be provided. What ever is needed for the concept to bloom and reach its full potential. Visit the page to get a more detailed tour

My studio, obviously is in place so that I , among my other projects, could be absorbed in my own musical production. From trippy electronic synth music to acoustic soundscapes, I try my hand at everything and anything that is "music". Please join me for a tour